How to Find a Good Quality Laser Printer – Shopping for a new laser printer

quality laser printer

A good quality laser printer made by Brother

If you’re in the market for a new laser printer that’s a good quality laser printer then make sure you understand the lingo associated with them. PPM, dpi and so on are all determining factors in choosing a quality laser printer. You shouldn’t entirely rely on laser printer reviews because what’s important for one person may not be important to you. I’ll go through some of the features you should look for when you’re shopping for a new laser printer online.

Just about every new laser printer out there will advertise the PPM, this is pages per minute. Now personally I believe this is an overrated stat for the average home user. Most people print out one or two pages at a time and whether that takes 15 seconds or 20 seconds really doesn’t matter. A good quality laser printer will, of course, have a higher PPM than other ones. Don’t put too much weight into this if you only print a few pages at a time. On the other hand if you’re constantly printing large documents this should weigh more heavily in your consideration.

Look at the resolution. Some new laser printers have higher resolution than others. A good quality laser printer will have a

higher resolution, which is good if you’ll be printing pictures and other graphics. If you’ll almost exclusively be printing text than this feature shouldn’t be too important for you. Actually, if you’ll be printing pictures I recommend an inkjet printer instead, or in addition to the new laser printer.

Look to see home much on board memory is installed. A good quality laser printer will have a large memory pool to work with. This stat matters most if you’ll be printing complex print jobs with lots of graphics. Sometimes this can be expanded later by purchasing memory modules.

Today you’ll find many printers advertised as ‘space saver’, while this is good if you have limited space for the new laser printer there are in fact some drawbacks to having this type of printer design. Generally speaking, space saver laser printers hold less paper and usually can’t handle as many different paper sizes as normal sized printers. Check the stats carefully to make sure the new laser printer can handle different the paper sizes you’ll need to print. You can usually get around not being able to print envelopes by using address labels.

replacement toner cartridge

Check the price of the replacement toner cartridge before buying a new laser printer

In the end every laser printer will need to be attached to a computer. Whether this is done through a cable or over wifi it doesn’t matter. Keep in mind that no printer comes with a cable, you’ll have to buy one. A good quality laser printer should be able to connect over wifi, having this feature makes setup so much easier. If you don’t have wifi at home, make sure the new laser printer supports USB setup, this is far superior to using a printer cable.

One thing you really need to check when looking for a new laser printer is the price of replacement toner. Sometimes the replacement toner cartridges can be quite expensive. Also keep in mind that a quality laser printer that prints in high resolution will go through toner much quicker than one with a lower resolution.

Brother HL-2170W 23ppm Laser Printer with Wireless and Wired Network Interfaces

When you’re ready to go out and buy a quality laser printer I suggest reading laser printer reviews on sites like Consumer Search and Consumer Reports, even Amazon has consumer reviews. Armed with the information above you’ll be able to use these laser printer reviews to find a new laser printer that fits your needs perfectly.

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