How to Find a Great Leather Bifold Wallet

leather bifold wallet

A leather bifold wallet is thinner but slightly larger than a trifold wallet

When it comes to buying a new leather bifold wallet most guys will spend very little time deciding on which is best.  This is a shame since, as we all know, the wrong leather bifold wallet can be a pain to use and carry.  In addition, most people who go out to buy a leather bifold wallet look concentrate mostly on look and ignore the functionality aspect of them.  If you need a new leather bifold wallet, whether for yourself or as a gift read on, I’ll go over some of the things you should consider when you need to get a new wallet.

Whats the difference between a leather bifold wallet and a trifold wallet

When it comes to the two main styles of wallet; the bifold and trifold there are some important differences and considerations.  A leather bifold wallet only folds once, meaning it’ll be thinner, but slightly larger.  The trifold wallet however folds twice so it’ll be thicker but slightly smaller.  I like to think of the trifold wallet as a coat pocket wallet since it’ll fit in there very easily, carrying one of those in your back pocket will be a bit unsightly since it’ll bulge significantly.  A leather bifold wallet is great for the back pocket since it’ll lay flatter.

What are some of the considerations when shopping for a leather bifold wallet

What I like to do is use my current wallet as a guide.  For example, if you carry lots of cards the wallet will be thick, there’s just no way to get around that.  If this is the case avoid a bifold wallet that has one of those flip out ID carriers as they’ll add significant thickness for just one card.  If you carry tons of cards though it’s probably best you go for a mens trifold wallet instead since they have more card slots.

Make sure the leather bifold wallet you’re considering has a lining in it, any leather wallet, over time, will stain it’s contents if there is no lining.

Now when it comes to the leather that the leather bifold wallet is made of there are three types.

  • Full grain is the full hide of the animal, it’s strong and has the natural grain patterns.  It can be quite thick and heavy though.
  • Top grain is only the top half of the hide, it’s not as strong or heavy but does have the natural grain pattern.
  • Split grain is the bottom half of the hide, once again it’s not as strong or heavy and usually has a fake grain pattern stamped on it.

As you can probably guess full grain is the most expensive while split grain is the cheapest.

Whatever leather you eventually go with it’s important that you use a leather conditioner at least every few months to maintain the look and softness of the leather bifold wallet.

One thing that for me drives me crazy when it comes to a wallet is cheap stitching.  I’m sure any guy will agree that the first thing that goes on a wallet is the stitching on the base.  If you’ll be buying an expensive leather bifold wallet pay close attention here, double stitching is a big bonus that shouldn’t be ignored.

So to summarize, if you want a thin wallet go for a bifold without a flip ID slot, if you’ll carry it in your coat pocket then a trifold is a better choice.  For the best quality look for double stitching and full or top grain leather.  A lining is a must and any top quality leather bifold wallet will have it.

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