How to Find a Great Mens Trifold Wallet

mens trifold wallet

The mens trifold wallet is a bit smaller than a bifold but can be much thicker.

If you’re looking to buy a new mens trifold wallet take into consideration two things; most guys, when buying a mens trifold wallet fail to take into account the more important things like functionality and construction; and when purchased as a gift most people concentrate solely on the look and fail to consider the features of the new mens trifold wallet.  Whatever the case that applies to you it’s important to know exactly what you need in a mens trifold wallet, read on to learn about some of the things you’ll need to look for when you’re out to buy a new mens wallet.

What’s the difference between a mens trifold wallet and a bifold wallet

A mens trifold wallet has two folds, meaning it’ll be a bit smaller, the cards are stored vertically and usually has more slots than a bifold.  The bifold wallet on the other hand folds once and the cards are stored horizontally.  They’ll have less slots but the wallet itself will be a bit thinner but wider.

What are some of the features and considerations when buying a mens trifold wallet

For the most part you really need to know how many cards you’ll be carrying and if the actual thickness of the wallet is important or not.  Most people carry a trifold wallet in their coat especially if they’re carrying tons of cards since they can be quite thick.  Here’s a tip though, stay away from those wallets that have a flip up or removable ID slot since they’ll add plenty of thickness.

A mens trifold wallet can be had in many materials such as leather, nylon, canvas and even vinyl.

The consideration here is durability, cost and look.  While leather is highly durable and looks great it costs much more that vinyl for example.

No matter what the material make sure there is a lining of some sort.  Without a lining the wallet will eventually stain whatever is in it.

Also, when it comes to durability one of my pet peeves is cheap stitching.  I’m sure any guy will tell you that the first thing that goes isn’t the material but the stitching.  If you’re looking for a quality mens trifold wallet pay attention to the stitching, double stitching is definitly a plus here.

The main consideration when deciding on a mens trifold wallet is size.  They are just about the smallest mens wallet style out there, but, if you carry lots of cards they can end up being quite thick and difficult to get into your pocket.  Pay attention to the material and be aware that canvas or cloth wallets, although quite light can wear down quickly.  Leather is, and always has been, the best choice for mens trifold wallets.

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