How to Find the Perfect Full Motorcycle Helmet

full motorcycle helmet

For the best visibility go for a brightly colored full motorcycle helmet

When it comes to protection nothing beats a full motorcycle helmet.  Sure the half or shorty helmets look cool, but they just won’t give you the protection a full motorcycle helmet will.  When it comes to finding the right full face motorcycle helmet there are many considerations including fit, color and features.  Don’t choose a full motorcycle helmet based on style or cost alone.  When it comes to protection there’s no more important piece of motorcycle gear than the helmet.  Let’s look at some of the features you should be aware of.

First off, and absolutely the most important thing to do is find a full motorcycle helmet that fits properly and is comfortable to wear.  Trying one on for a second or two in the store just won’t cut it.  It’s not uncommon for a helmet (just like a pair of shoes) to be comfortable in the store but be unbearable in just a few minutes on the road.  Put the helmet on your head, fasten it down, and keep it there for 10 minutes or so.  Even better, see if you can do a test ride with it on.  When it comes to proper fit fasten down the helmet and see if you can remove it by pulling it from the back, side to side, and from the front.  A full motorcycle helmet that will come off in a crash is useless so don’t overlook this step.

I should also point out that sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.  If a medium fits well in a Shoei helmet it may be too loose for a Nolan.

Make sure the full motorcycle helmet is DOT approved.  If it isn’t not only did it NOT pass the safety tests but it’s also probably illegal to wear it in your state.  For the ultimate safety performance look for SNELL approved helmets since they must pass even stricter safety tests.

Some other features to look for in a quality full motorcycle helmet are..

  • Secure D rings for the strap, an added plus here is some form of attachment for the loose end of the strap since at high speed it whips around under your chin and can be quite painful.
  • A good full motorcycle helmet should have vents.  Trust me, you’ll want this in the heat of the summer and will also help prevent fogging of the visor.
  • Although not standard some of the newer full motorcycle helmet models feature a flip down interior sun visor.  Personally I own a helmet with this and it’s a godsend since with one hand I can flip it down when the sun is in my eyes.
  • Removable liner.  I like this for summer since it allows me to remove and clean the liner easily.
  • Eyeglass slots.  If you wear glasses these simple little slots will make them so much more comfortable to wear, no more pressure over the ears.
  • Blue tooth compatibility. Although you’re probably not going to answer your phone will riding having this feature allows you to do so when stopped.  In addition, my GPS is blue tooth compatible so I can get my directions broadcast right into my helmet, seriously cool.
  • Easily removable visor.  If you choose a full motorcycle helmet without a flip down sun visor being able to easily flip out the visor is a plus.

Now that we’ve looked at the important stuff let’s talk about color.  Although many people prefer black it just isn’t recommended.  Remember, visibility is just as an important part of rider safety as the equipment is, some would say even more so.  White, yellow and orange are the best colors.  If you must have a darker color than at least put some reflective stickers on the full motorcycle helmet.

After you’ve narrowed down your potential choices to just a few different full motorcycle helmet styles I highly suggest you read some motorcycle helmet reviews to find out what other riders think about a particular helmet.  In this way you’ll be able to find the best full motorcycle helmet for your particular needs and budget.

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