Find the Best Homebrew kits and Make your own Beer

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Get homebrew kits and make your own beer

If you’re like me and truly enjoy a great mug of beer than you should make your own homebrew.  Homebrew kits are easy to use, and they start at around $40, so learn about homebrew kits and make your own beer, you’ll be glad you did. Basic Homebrew kits require the following components to actually make beer

  • A primary fermenter, this is where the beer mix actually ferments.
  • A secondary fermenter.  This is optional but it’s used in more advanced homebrew kits
  • Air lock and tubing.  Used to keep out air and move the beer mix around the system.
  • Bottling equipment.  Simple or advanced, doesn’t matter but you will need a way to actually get the beer into the bottles.
  • Sanitizing powder.  Your equipment must be properly sanitized before you make beer, otherwise you’ll really just be making a science experiment.

Optional or Advanced equipment.  Most homebrew starter kits don’t include this stuff, it’s not really necessary but will make the beer better or easier to make.

  • Bottling machine.  This will make capping much easier.
  • Cooling mechanism.  The wort (unfermented beer) needs to be cooled before adding the yeast, this will do it quicker.

After you have all the equipment you’ll need the beer mix.  This consists of hops, barely, yeast etc.  You can buy this separately to make your own custom brew, but even easier is just buying a beer mix kit.

mr beer homebrew kits

Starter homebrew kits by Mr Beer

If you’re undecided on which homebrew kits to get, or even if you really want to make your own beer I suggest starting with a MrBeer kit.  They are very inexpensive and come with everything necessary to make your own beer.  If you like it you can add on more advanced equipment to make even better beer! The best place to get the best homebrew kits and beer mixes is from online merchants as they generally have a far wider selection and better prices.  I’ve linked the MrBeer site below, it’s a great place to start looking for homebrew kits to make your own beer.

Beer Kit – A Great Gift!
America’s most popular brewing kit.
Complete, easy-to-use. Only $39.95

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