Find the Best Motorcycle boots for Men

Some of the best motorcycle boots available are made by Harley Davidson

The best motorcycle boots are those that protect you in all kinds of weather, are comfortable and, just as important, can be had without breaking the bank.  Unfortunately for too many motorcycle riders the motorcycle boot is an after thought, I’ve even seen bikers wear sneakers!  If you’re in the market for the best motorcycle boots for your money read on, I’ll show you what features are important and which ones are just for show so you’ll be able to find the best motorcycle boots.

There are many styles of motorcycle boots out there made for men.  There are standard, racing and short motorcycle boots.  I’ll describe each in more detail then you can decide which is best for you.

  • The standard boots are just that, standard.  These go over the ankle and are often reinforced.  They provide excellent protection from burns and exhaust heat.  These are also easily worn when not on the bike.
  • Racing motorcycle boots are very difficult to walk in, but provide superior protection and are usually heavily armored over impact areas.
  • Short motorcycle boots are short, they provide no protection from burns or exhaust and have the least overall armor.  They are however more comfortable in the summer and when just walking around.

Keep in mind that it’s no sin to own several pairs of motorcycle boots, wearing the one that best suits the particular situation.

What are common features I’ll find in the best motorcycle boots?

The best motorcycle boots should protect your ankles well

Look for great ankle protection, as this is a common impact point.  The ankle is delicate and lots of damage can be done to it.  The best motorcycle boots will have very solid ankle protection; a by-product of this is providing extra ‘confidence’ and strength if the bike starts to tip while stopped.

Superior grip on the heal and sole.  Make sure the sole is top quality so you’ll be sure footed in all kinds of terrain, even when wet.

Some of the best motorcycle boots out there have reinforced shifter pads, look for this if you’ll be shifting a lot or have a toe shifter.  These are also more comfortable in the long run.

Without a doubt the boots should be made of leather, although, if heat is an issue some of the best motorcycle boots out there will have ventilation areas, certainly a nice feature if you ride during the summer (and who doesn’t)

Although I’ve said this earlier, look for armored impact areas, after all, the most important feature is protection.  Kevlar inserts are becoming more popular now.

Check the closing mechanism; is it a zipper, laces, Velcro?  No matter how the motorcycle boots close make sure there is some sort of system to keep loose material away from moving parts.

Although there are many things to consider it’s important to note that once you start to see a particular boot is well made more often than not you’ve found a very good pair of motorcycle boots.  I would also suggest reading motorcycle boot reviews as they can also help you find the best motorcycle boots for your money.

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