Find the Best Steam Iron – Learn How to Compare Steam Irons

This Panasonic is one of the best electric steam irons out there

Finding the best steam iron means being able to compare steam irons based on what features are important to you.  The more expensive iron may in fact not be the best steam iron for you.  I’ll go through some of the features found on today’s steam irons so you are better able to compare steam irons based on your specific needs.

One of the first things you can use to compare steam irons is the wattage.  The average wattage you’ll find out there is 1200 watts.  If the steam iron you’re considering has less than this it’ll take a bit longer to get to the proper temperature.

If you find yourself ironing delicate fabrics often then choose an electric steam iron with an accurate temperature control, being off by just a few degrees can ruin fine fabric.  The best steam iron will have digital or electronic temperature control.  Also look at electric steam iron reviews when you actually compare steam irons to see what they say about temperature control.

For most folks ironing is a chore so the last thing you’ll want to have to do is clean the iron after using it.  Although this is pretty much a standard feature these days you’ll want to see this mentioned when you compare steam irons, if it isn’t you’ll probably have to manually clean it occasionally.

For peace of mind, safety and energy savings choose an electric steam iron with auto off.  The best steam iron will have both time and motion sensors to automatically turn the unit off.

Understand your needs when you compare steam irons

For superior durability and ease of cleaning choose a stainless steel finish when you compare steam irons.  They are far more likely to survive unscathed if they are dropped.

To avoid frustration choose a steam iron that has an easily readable water level.  The best electric steam irons will have a tank capacity of about 6 ounces.

If you iron dress shirts often then you should look for an iron with a precision tip with plenty of steam jets in it.  If this is important to you then look for this when you compare steam irons, the best steam irons will certainly let you know if they have this.

To protect your clothes when ironing look for steam irons with multiple steam settings and a non-stick sole plate made of stainless steel, titanium or some other material.  When you compare steam irons you should look out for these features to find the best electric steam iron for the money.

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