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What’s the benefit of using a top computer gaming mouse?  Well, have you ever tried shooting an enemy with a sniper rifle only to be foiled by the inaccuracy of your computer gaming mouse? Having the top computer gaming mouse is paramount to success on the virtual battlefield. This article will explain what features you should consider when you want to buy the top computer gaming mouse.

One of the most important things to look for when buying a top computer gaming mouse is the dpi, or accuracy.  Simply put, the higher the dpi the more accurate the gaming mouse is.  If you play shooters you’ll want a computer gaming mouse with a very high dpi.

You can customize this computer gaming mouse!

You can customize this computer gaming mouse!

One of the things that makes a computer gaming mouse a gaming mouse is programmable buttons. For shooters you can get by with just a few buttons, since most of them have standard commands.  Role playing games, or MMO’s on the other hand have many key combination’s and you should be able to program most of the commonly used ones.  The top computer gaming mouse will have many programmable buttons and good gaming mouse software so you can program them easily.

Other than accuracy and being programmable you need to consider customization.  The Microsoft sidewinder, pictured to the left, for example, allows you to add counter weights for a more personal feel, a great feature on this computer gaming mouse.

When you’re ready to head out and buy the top computer gaming mouse I would also suggest reading gaming mouse reviews on such sites as ConsumerReports and ConsumerSearch.  Even Amazon has many gaming mouse reviews right on their product pages written by real gamers who actually own it.

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