Finding the Best Headphones or Earphone with Noise Cancel Technology

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Finding the best headphone or earphone with noise cancel technology takes a bit more effort than buying the prettiest (or toughest) looking ones.   The fact is just about everyone these days has some form of personal music device, from the ipod, music enabled cell phones or other mp3 enabled devices.   If you want to get the most enjoyment from your music you’ll need a great pair of headphones or earphones with noise cancel technology, but which is the best? what exactly does ‘noise canceling’ mean?

There are two types of noise canceling headphones or earphones, active or passive.

Active noise canceling headphones use a microphone to listen to the incoming noise and then creates a sound that is negative to the incoming sound, thus canceling it out, this is a high tech approach to the problem.  Active noise canceling requires a power supply, which makes them bulky.  Also, the active noise canceling headphone or earphone is really only effective against constant sound, like on a train.  It can’t react fast enough to varying sounds like loud conversation.

A great pair of noise cancel headphones
A great pair of noise cancel headphones

The other type is noise isolating, which is simply having the earphone in the ear canal, thus preventing exterior sounds from entering the ear, a very low tech approach.  This type is much smaller since no power supply is needed.  The noise isolating earphone can be quite uncomfortable after a while, unless you buy a high quality one.  Another drawback is with this type you really can’t hear any exterior noise at all, which may be dangerous in certain situations.

By understanding the type of headphone or earphone with noise cancel technology you also, in an off hand way, determine the size you will get.  Active noise canceling are worn outside of the ear, and will need batteries, thus making them larger, they are most definitely more comfortable though.   Passive noise isolating headphones (earphones) are smaller but are uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

How you will use the headphone or earphone with noise cancel technology will determine which is the best type for you to get.  If you’ll be at home gaming or listening to music you can get away with a passive type, outside in traffic or commuting on a train will probably demand an active noise canceling headphone.

When you’re ready to go out and get yourself either a headphone or earphone with noise cancel technology I recommend you read noise canceling headphone reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports or even on Amazon.  They have noise canceling headphone reviews written by users just like yourself and can really help you pick out the right one.

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