Great Tips On How To Install Winter Snow Tires

Winter weather is far different from any other season in the year. It is the period when snow and ice is all over the ground producing a beautiful scene and fun times for kids. It is likewise the time when we need to exchange those regular tires for something that will serve to shield us and our cars as we drive.

Snow tires are fashioned with some of the best technology in order to allow us to handle our car as we drive over icy and snowy roads. Without them we run the chance of driving off the road and injuring ourselves or maybe ruining the car. When winter is coming up it is about time to go shopping.

You will need to buy four snow tires for your vehicle. There is a belief that only two are required but this is not true. For the safest drive all four wheels need to be exchanged. To understand which type you need you will be able to search in the manual that comes with your car or you may get hold of the dealership which you bought it from.

If you plan on exchanging them yourself than ensure you are in an area that is safe and where your vehicle will not be able to roll forward or backwards. To help stabilize it you can put a brick or log in front of the tires.

Utilize the jack and lug wrench that come with your car and remove the hubcaps. To know how to operate the jack you can read the vehicle’s manual. Make sure to raise the car from the ground to give you plenty of room to interchange the snow tire. Once you have completed the job you will set it back on the ground and secure the hubcap. In order to ensure that they are put on right you should take them to your dealership for inspection.

Bridgestone makes some of the best Snow Tires that help to provide a safe drive during this season.

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