Hand Held Blenders – Tips on finding the best one

This Braun is one of the best hand held blenders you'll find

Hand held blenders, few could argue against how useful they are in today’s well-equipped kitchen.  Of all the gadgets to come on the market in recent years the hand held blender is one of the best.  There are many companies out there making dozens of models of hand held blenders, finding the right one can be difficult if you don’t know what features to look for.  Let’s take a look at some of the more common features that you’ll find on hand held blenders.

First off let’s talk about cleaning.  Hand held blenders get right down into the food so it’s vitally important that they be easy to clean.  Look for one made of brushed chrome or stainless steel, dishwasher safe is desirable also, especially if you own a dishwasher.  Try to avoid plastic models since we all know what happens when tomato sauce comes in to contact with plastic, the stain seems to never come out.

Some hand held blenders come with a chopping attachment.  In order to get the most benefit from this you should choose a model with plenty of power; otherwise you’ll risk burning out the motor.  If you intend to use this as a replacement to a food processor then it’s very important to get as much power as you can.  Don’t automatically assume that hand held blenders that include chopping attachments are powerful, cheaper ones will certainly lack the necessary power.

There’s nothing worse than a uni-tasker, which is an appliance that does just one thing.  Look for hand held blenders that include many attachments such as a whisk, chopping bowl and blades, perhaps storage containers and of course the blending attachments.  Being able to use the unit for many tasks only increases it’s value to you.  A storage bag is also nice but not absolutely necessary if you have the drawer space to store everything.

Read some hand blender reviews to help you find the best one

Look for hand held blenders that have a simple push button design, and also, make sure the button is covered to prevent food from seeping in.  The unit should also be lightweight to make it easy and comfortable to operate.

Finally look for hand held blenders that have a good warranty, 2 year is the minimum you should accept.  These are, after all, mechanical appliances so they can fail for any number of reasons.

The information above should give you a great starting point in your search for top-notch hand held blenders.  I also suggest you read some hand blender reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon.  Unbiased users write these hand blender reviews and can be a real help in your search for great hand held blenders

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