How to Avoid Being Unemployed

Avoid being unemployed with these simple tips

Avoid being unemployed with these simple tips

These days no job is secure and nobody is immune to the corporate axe. Being unemployed these days is no laughing matter.  With a few simple steps you can get out of the cross hairs and save your job. Remember, all it takes is one manager to not like you or notice you slacking off a few times to get your name brought up during those dreaded budget meetings. Follow these steps to get OUT of the spotlight and avoid being unemployed.

For god’s sake do your job and stay busy! this is no time to be labeled a slacker.  If you have nothing to do don’t just sit there cruising the internet.  Ask for more work or just try to look busy.  Being labeled a slacker is a sure fire way to being unemployed.

Don’t loiter around the ‘ol watercooler. Don’t hang around in the hallway, break room, or someone else’s desk or office no matter how cute ho or she is. Don’t get noticed socializing! Don’t let your socializing make you one of the crowd of laid off employees.

Be sociable to the big wigs. A simple ‘Good morning’ or ‘Hey, how’s it going today’ can be all it takes to make people like you. And a well liked person is less likely to get laid off then somebody that isn’t liked at all. Being laid off isn’t fun, don’t let it happen this way especially if a few ‘Good Mornings’ could’ve prevented it.

Become important. This is a tough one but look for something, any job that nobody else wants to do and do it. For example, cleaning up around the coffee machine, adding paper to the printer or clearing paper jams. One guy in our office is responsible for ordering coffee and supplies and he isn’t even in the purchasing department. It’s his ‘job’ now and nobody anywhere questions it.  He is important in his own way, and, as a byproduct of this, get’s to greet all the VPs when they stop by for coffee in the morning.

Don’t be cheap. When it comes to birthdays, weddings or whatever, if money is being collected for a party or gift give a few dollars. Don’t get labeled as a cheapskate!  This is an easy way to getting disliked, and being unemployed.

If you smoke don’t hang out in front of the office puffing away! Go around the block or at least far away from the front door. VPs and managers are always going out for meetings or long lunches. Don’t let them see you standing outside all the time.  In addition, use some hand creme and take a mint when you return, if you always smell like you just had a smoke people will assume you’re outside all the time smoking.

Watch your personal hygiene. Don’t look as if you just rolled out of bed after a long night of partying, ‘nuf said on this.

Be professional during office parties. Don’t drink too much, or at all. Don’t be labeled an alcoholic and don’t get ‘friendly’ with the ladies or guys

Good luck everyone, being unemployed certainly sucks.  Hopefully these tips will prevent somebody from being laid off.

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