How to Buy the Best Blow Dryer for your Hair

Your hair deserves the best blow dryer

Learn what features you should look for to find the best blow dryer for your hair.  There are some features that you’ll only find on the best blow dryer models.  If you’re serious about your hair then read on to learn all about blow dryers, including ionic blow dryers.

First off, even before you start shopping for the best blow dryer for your hair you really need to understand what specific problems you may have.  Is your hair too frizzy, too curly or is it just that there’s way too much to dry easily.  Once you understand your specific needs you’ll be better able to pick out the best blow dryer for your hair.

When you start looking at blow dryers you’ll probably assume that the more powerful ones are the best blow dryers.  This is in fact true, the more powerful it is, the faster it’ll dry your hair.  More power is also able to straighten curly or frizzy hair better.

Decide on what type of blow dryer best fits your hair needs.

An ionic blow dryer will dry your hair quicker and it’ll cut frizz down significantly.   If you have these problems with your hair then an ionic is the best blow dryer for you.  A regular hair dryer on the other hand will cost less, but will have no inherent benefits when it comes to taming frizzy or curly hair.  An added benefit of using an ionic blow dryer is that it makes your hair silky and glossy.

Hair dryer reviews can help you find the bestThe best blow dryer will have multiple heat and speed settings to accommodate any hair type.  Although you may think it’s best to just set the blow dryer to max and leave it there, in fact, it’s actually better to experiment to find what heat and speed setting is best for your hair.  Also, it’s hard to say what your hairstyle may be in a year or two so be ready with a flexible blow dryer.

The best blow dryer for your hair will have multiple attachments including a diffuser.  A diffuser is great to add lift, so look for this feature.  Narrow nozzles are great for straightening curly or frizzy hair.

Before you head off to the store or your favorite website to look for the best blow dryer for your hair I suggest you read some hair dryer reviews on sites like ConsumerReports, ConsumerSearch and even on Amazon.  Read these hair dryer reviews to see what other people are saying about the particular blow dryer you’re interested in.  In this way, armed with the information above, you’ll be able to find the best blow dryer for your hair.

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