How to Buy the Best Cold Weather Gloves

Leather is still tops when it comes to cold weather gloves

Leather is still tops when it comes to cold weather gloves

For most people getting a great pair of cold weather gloves are almost an afterthought when purchasing winter gear. Lots of people just buy the bulkiest cold weather gloves they can find, which is not always the best way to go. A good set of cold weather gloves should keep your hands warm and dry, and, if necessary, be stylish as well. Here are some things to consider for when buying a new pair of cold weather gloves.

Cold Weather Gloves – Style and Construction

Whether we like it or not wearing big bulky ski gloves to a business lunch or out on a date may not be the most appropriate thing to wear.  A dressier leather winter glove would be a better choice.  On the other hand, that same leather glove would be a poor choice when out shoveling the snow.  Choose a cold weather glove appropriate for the situation at hand.

Consider the shell material.  Without a doubt one of the most important features to consider when buying cold weather gloves is whether they are waterproof or not.  In my opinion, a waterproof winter glove is a must, it makes no sense to wear a winter glove that lets the wind, snow and rain through.  For dress, leather is the best material.  For a work cold weather glove any waterproof material will be fine.

Often overlooked but just as important is the lining.  Just as snow and rain can penetrate from outside, it’s important to have a lining that wicks away moisture on the inside.  We’ve all had wet, clammy hands when shoveling snow for just a few minutes, this is because of a low quality lining that doesn’t wick away moisture.  Any natural material is best here.  An insulating liner is great for dress winter gloves, but less important for gloves that you will wear when shoveling snow since you will be exerting yourself and staying warm anyway.

Most people don’t even consider the coverage of their cold weather gloves.  Cold weather gloves can either go to the wrist or a few inches up with some models even having straps to tighten them down around your sleeve.  It can be quite annoying to have your wrists unprotected and the wind and snow go up your arm.  You should choose a winter glove that can be sealed against your coat.   For work winter gloves make sure they go up a few inches and secure tightly since you will be moving around and the snow and cold can easily go into your coat.

Heated cold weather gloves are a consideration, they do cost more but are a great choice if you’ll be outside for extended periods of time.  Some cold weather gloves have finger flaps so you can use your phone or smoke.  I’ve linked a few of the unusual ones in the resource section below.

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