How to Buy the Best DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmets

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Owning and using  DOT approved motorcycle helmets is not only a good idea, it’s the law in most states.  A good DOT approved motorcycle helmet can prevent serious injury or even death.  This is one piece of motorcycle equipment that should never be skimped on.  Read on to learn what it takes to find the best DOT approved motorcycle helmets, this decision can very well save your life.

There are many types of motorcycle helmets available, and all can be DOT approved.  There are full face, flip up or modular and open face helmets.  I highly recommend a full face helmet, this will protect your entire face in case of an accident.  An open face helmet might be cooler, but just imagine what kind of damage your face will take if you go down.

Before we go further, let’s talk about the certifications.  There is DOT and SNELL.  SNELL certification is the absolute best, followed by DOT.  DOT is fine for road use, but if you can swing the cost, SNELL is much better.  You can confirm the certification by looking for a ‘DOT’ or ‘SNELL’ on the back, or interior of the helmet.  If you don’t see the certification, assume it isn’t certified and certainly not worth buying.

No helmet, even DOT approved motorcycle helmets, will protect you up to it’s full potential if it doesn’t fit correctly.  Many of your friends will recommend one brand over another when it comes to finding one that fits comfortable.  The fact is though that everyone’s head is shaped differently, so you’ll need to try on many different brands of DOT approved motorcycle helmets before you find the right one.  A word of caution..  If it hurts just a tiny bit in the store, imagine how it’ll feel after it’s been on your head for a while.  It should be snug but there shouldn’t be any uncomfortable pressure anywhere.  Secure the strap, you should not be able to pull off the helmet from the back and your skin should move if you move the helmet around.

Here are some other considerations when looking for the best DOT approved motorcycle helmets.

  • There should be a good strong strap with a double ‘D’ ring or other quality locking mechanism.  Again, make sure the motorcycle helmet cannot be removed with the strap secured.
  • Make sure there are some vents, this is very important for summer use.  Trust me, you will appreciate this.
  • Choose a bright colors such as yellow, orange or white.  These are the best for maximum visibility. If you must get a dark helmet, make sure you attach reflective tape on it.  Black may be the coolest color to have, but other drivers will have difficulty seeing you, especially at night.
  • Some other features can be considered, such as blue tooth attachments and internal sun visors. These are nice to have but in this case function matters the most.  Personally I own a DOT approved motorcycle helmet with an internal sun visor, I love it, but I bought the helmet because of fit and function, not because of this feature.
DOT approved motorcycle helmets are a must!

DOT approved motorcycle helmets are a must!

If possible see if you can do a test ride with the helmet on so you can judge wind noise and other acoustic qualities of the motorcycle helmet.  A poorly designed motorcycle helmet will have unbearable noise levels just isn’t worth getting.  Also, trying it out for a ride can let you judge the fit and visibility better.

When you’re ready to purchase a great DOT approved motorcycle helmet I suggest reading motorcycle helmet reviews on sites like Consumer Search and Consumer Reports.  They have motorcycle helmet reviews written by actual riders just like yourself and can really help you choose the best DOT approved motorcycle for your money.

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