How to Buy the Best SUV Snow Tires

Make sure you choose the proper size SUV snow tires

Make sure you choose the proper size SUV snow tires

Finding snow tires for your SUV is a bit more involved than just grabbing the cheapest ones you can find.  Also, don’t be fooled, 4 wheel drive or not you still need to have quality SUV snow tires on your vehicle.  Read on to learn what to look for when you set out to get the best snow tires for your SUV.

What to look for in the best SUV snow tires

First off you need to decide right now if you will use all season tires or dedicated snow tires.  The best way to do this is imagine the absolute worst driving conditions you’ll have to deal with.  If summer and winter driving conditions vary immensely where you live then you definitely need dedicated SUV snow tires.

Even though low profile tires may look really cool, studies have shown that thinner tires perform much better on snow and ice than thicker tires.  A low profile tire just doesn’t cut it for winter driving conditions.  Make sure you get the size recommended for your vehicle, or even choose a thinner SUV snow tire for the best performance.

Don’t ignore the fact that studded snow tires exist Over the last few years stud less snow tires have greatly improved in their performance, nonetheless studded tires still have vastly superior performance. If you drive in extreme winter conditions choose a studded SUV snow tire, but check with your local laws as some localities have outlawed them because of the additional road wear they cause.

For the best performance and handling make sure you put new SUV snow tires on both axles, not just the drive ones.  This is especially true if you have 4 wheel drive.

And finally, make sure you remove your SUV snow tires when the winter is over, they are made of softer rubber that will wear quickly on dry roads.

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