How to Buy the Perfect Ladies Watch

A dressy ladies watch by Citizen

The perfect ladies watch will not only be functional, but stylish as well.  You’ll get extra points for actually buying a good quality one.  The key to finding the perfect ladies watch is knowing what features to look for, which ones to ignore, and above all remaining stylish.

Finding the perfect ladies watch means knowing how it will be worn.

Just like a woman may have different ‘looks’ for different occasions, so may she have a different ladies watch to support those looks.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with ladies owning a watch for every occasion, in fact, it’s quite commonplace.  Is it for work, everyday wear, for a date or special occasion?  Knowing when it will be worn will allow you to choose the perfect ladies watch. There are three main types of movement or inner workings you can get in a ladies watch.  First off there is digital, considered quite casual and usually inexpensive.  Quartz, a little more expensive and ‘classy’.  And finally mechanical, expensive, high end but very ‘sophisticated’

Ladies watch by Timex

When it comes to the crystal, or face, available on a ladies watch there are also three main types available.

  • Plexiglas, which is cheap, easily scratched but virtually shatter proof.
  • Mineral crystal, a little more expensive, harder to scratch but easier to shatter.
  • Synthetic sapphire, very expensive but nearly impossible to scratch.  Easiest to shatter.

For dress ladies watches I suggest mineral crystal or synthetic sapphire.  For casual use Plexiglas is fine. The strap on the other hand is very important, in terms of style and comfort.  You can get leather, cloth, metal and even plastic.  Leather and possibly metal are dressier, while cloth and (ugh) plastic are more casual. Also consider the construction.  A good quality ladies watch made well will list all the materials it’s made of. Waterproof?  Water-resistant?  Well, unless you’re going diving water-resistant is fine. Always consider style when you’re looking to buy the perfect ladies watch, in the end, no matter how great a watch is she isn’t going to wear it if it looks gaudy. Up to 70% off 468 x 60 v2

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