How to Celebrate your First Valentines Day Together

Do something special for your first Valentines day

Do something special for your first Valentines day

Nothing strikes fear into a man more than coming up with a gift for your first Valentines Day together.  Should I buy lingerie, should we just go to dinner and a show?  Truly, the questions are endless but to be honest the answer is always the same.  Your goal for your first valentines day together should be simply to show your love for your partner, extra points if you can do it in a memorable way.

Try arranging some Valentines day activities together, remember, Valentines day isn’t just about the evening activities, it should be an all day affair if possible.

Set up a couples massage or perhaps a wine tasting.

Having a nice massage together at a nice day spa doesn’t automatically scream of sex, in fact it’s a great way to relax and set the mood for the day.

Later on, visit a local winery for a wine tasting, once again, extra points if you can arrange some sweets for your sweet, like chocolate covered strawberries or exotic chocolates.

How about a special dinner on your first Valentines day

How about a special dinner on your first Valentines day

In the evening try cooking a gourmet meal for your honey.  Even if it doesn’t come out that great she will still appreciate the effort, and that you showed you care.

Taken together all three of these ideas are far better than the played out chocolate and flowers thing that so many men fall back on.

When you plan your first Valentines day together make sure you consider some unusual activities and try to make it an all day occasion.  I’m sure, if you make the effort to show your love you will be rewarded.

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