How to Choose a Good Fishing Rod

Choosing a good fishing rod can be tough!

Choosing a good fishing rod can be tough!

Finding a really good fishing rod can be a more difficult task than you think.  There are so many styles and types, not to mention different ‘action’ settings.   If you’re in the market for a good fishing rod don’t worry, I’ve listed below some of the things you need to consider when you’re ready to buy one.  Here’s some tips on how to choose the right fishing rod.

Get the right fishing rod for the job

The first thing to do is determine the type of fishing rod you need to get.  There are many types from small ultra-light fishing rods, to massive fishing rods designed for deep sea use. Find out where he fishes, if its in lakes then choose a spinning fishing rod. If this is for rivers then perhaps a fly fishing rod is in order.  For trolling in a boat there are trolling rods, and of course, for the ocean there are deep sea fishing rods. Others include ice fishing rods and surf fishing rods.   Choosing the right fishing rod for the job is key to getting a good one.

You should determine the ‘power’ rating you need.  This rating is generally determined by type of fishing the fishing rod is rated for and are available from ultra-light all the way to ultra-heavy. You won’t find an ultra-heavy fly fishing rod for example.  A good rule of thumb is the heavier the fish, the heavier the power rating should be.

The action rating needs to be considered next, this is basically how much the fishing rod bends and returns to the neutral position. This is sometimes referred to as faster or slower. The material and construction of the fishing rod determine it’s action.  This setting is more a personal preference, so if this is a gift make sure to find out if the angler in question prefers a slower or faster fishing rod.

Fishing rods are also rated by line weight.  Basically this determines the size of the fish it’s designed to catch. Just be aware that deep sea fishing for example requires a heavier line weight than lake fishing.

So there you have it, the key to purchasing a good fishing rod is knowing how it’s going to be used, what type (and weight) the fish will be and the personal preferences of the person using it.

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