How to Choose a Good Quality Inkjet Printer

Great quality inkjet printer by HP

Having a good quality inkjet printer is a must for today’s home office.  Unfortunately there are dozens of models out there made by dozens of manufacturers so finding the best quality inkjet printer for your needs can be difficult.  Read on to learn what features you should consider, and which ones you can ignore when you’re in the market for a good quality inkjet printer.

When shopping for a quality inkjet printer you should be aware that even though they all print in color, there are inkjet printers made for photo quality, and those that aren’t.  The inkjet printer that prints in photo quality resolution will be more expensive and print slower.

Also look at the DPI quality of the inkjet printer you are considering.  DPI simply means the number of dots per inch, the higher this number the more fine the grain of it’s printing.  If you’ll be printing photos and graphics this is an important feature for you.  Note that a printer can have a high dpi yet still not be photo quality.

Consider the paper handling requirements.  Do you need to print legal size?  Envelopes?  Once again make sure the inkjet printer you are considering can handle your paper printing needs.  A good quality inkjet printer will be able to handle many paper sizes.

Look at the print speed, there will be different speeds for black and white vs. color printing.  The faster the printer, the more expensive it’ll be.  The higher the print quality, the slower the inkjet printer will be.  There is a trade off here.

An Epson, a quality inkjet printer

One of the things people always overlook when they buy a quality inkjet printer is the ink cartridge.  There should absolutely be a separate cartridge for each color including black; otherwise you’ll constantly be throwing away combo cartridges just because one color ran out.  And while we’re on the subject, check the price of the cartridges; they may be quite expensive.

When you’re ready to head out and buy a new quality inkjet printer I suggest reading inkjet printer reviews on sites like consumer search, consumer reports and even on Amazon.  They have inkjet printer reviews written by users just like yourself and can really help you find the best quality inkjet printer for your money.

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