How to Choose a Good Vacuum Cleaner at a Great Price

A good quality vacuum cleaner by bissel

You may thing that finding a good vacuum cleaner is easy, just read some vacuum cleaner reviews and find the best rated vacuum cleaner on sale.  Well, doing this will certainly get you a good vacuum cleaner, buy probably won’t get you the vacuum cleaner that fits your needs best.  Read on to learn how to choose a good vacuum cleaner that will fit your needs perfectly.

A good vacuum cleaner is one that’ll do exactly what you need it to do, so choose the type that fits your needs the best.

  1. The canister vacuum:  This style certainly isn’t as popular as it was years ago but still has its place for specific customers.  The canister vacuum is characterized by having the ‘workings’ in a separate canister with the business end (nozzle) separate.  This type is great for getting under furniture and other tight spots; it’s also very light and easy to use, as long as there are no stairs to do.  In addition, the canister vacuum takes up very little storage space in the bottom of the closet.
  2. The upright vacuum:  These are generally easy maneuverable (the Dyson Ball style is the best) and relatively light models are available.  Hard to get under furniture, and takes up more storage space. This type is also generally less powerful than a canister vacuum.
  3. The last type is the hand held vacuum; we’re not going to discuss this type of vacuum as generally these are for very small jobs and not to do whole rooms.

The Dyson Ball, a really good vacuum cleaner

After the determining which type of vacuum cleaner is good for you it’s time to decide how much power you need.  Most people automatically think the more power the better, but this is actually not always the best choice, consider these points.

  • A very powerful vacuum can lift and damage the edges of area rugs.
  • The more powerful a vacuum is, the louder it generally is.
  • As the power goes up, so does the price.
  • Here are some additional points to consider when looking for a good, solid vacuum.
  • Make sure the dirt storage is large and consider that a non-bagless model will require you to buy replacement bags.
  • Does it have a built in hepa filter?  A good vacuum cleaner will have this feature.  The last thing you want to do is throw dust and germs around the house from the vacuum.
  • Is there a hard floor attachment?  You’ll need this if you have mixed floor surfaces.
  • Is the cord long?  Most people overlook this but if you have stairs to do you’ll really appreciate a long cord.
  • Do NOT pay extra for some gimmicky “dirt sensor” or “dust sensor” technology.  I think I know when my floor is dirty, I don’t need some light to tell me that.

Looking for the best vacuum cleaner that fits your needs perfectly?

Before you head off to the store or website to get a good vacuum cleaner make sure you read vacuum cleaner reviews on sites like Consumer Reports, Consumer Search and even on Amazon.  These vacuum cleaner reviews are written by users just like yourself and can be a big help when it comes to finding a vacuum cleaner that really good for you.

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