How to Choose the Best Adult Size Sleeping Bag

An adult sleeping bag by Coleman

An adult sleeping bag by Coleman

An adult size sleeping bag is a necessary piece of equipment when you want to go camping. Unfortunately so many people purchase the wrong one. A good adult size sleeping bag can give you a great nights sleep, the wrong one however, can ruin an otherwise great vacation.

Certainly the most important thing to consider when buying an adult sleeping bag is the temperature rating.  All sleeping bags are rated for how low a temp they will keep you warm, so a 35 degree sleeping bag will keep the average person comfortable at an outside temperature of 35 degrees.  Keep in mind though that this is a general number, if you tend to pile on the blankets at night then get one rated for 10 degrees colder, on the other hand if you like sleeping on the cold side, get an adult sleeping bag rated for 10 degrees warmer.

After you know the temperature rating you need you have to decide on the type of filling you want.  Most modern sleeping bags are available with either down filling or synthetic filling.  Down filling isn’t automatically the best, we’re not talking about a comforter here.  Down will keep you warmer with less filling but it is more expensive and can bunch up during packing.  Down also loses it’s insulating effect if it gets wet.  Synthetic filling weighs a bit more, but is cheaper and will keep you warm if it gets wet.

A square adult sleeping bag

A square adult sleeping bag

Consider the shape of the adult sleeping bag next.  Sleeping bags are available in either ‘mummy’ shape or the more conventional square shape (for one or two people).  A mummy shape will keep you warmer as there is less air for your body to heat.  The square shape will allow you to move around more easily.  If you tend to shift positions during the night go for the square shape, you can compensate for this by choosing a sleeping bag rated for 10 degrees colder weather.

Other than the temperature rating, filling and shape sleeping bags also feature various bells and whistles.  For down sleeping bags it is common to have chambers to prevent the filling from shifting.  Also available are ‘smooth glide’ zippers, additional padding such as built in pillows and other convenience features.  I’ve always found the built in pillows to be lacking, so don’t base your purchase decision on this.  Choose by temperature rating, filling and shape.

When you’re ready to buy the best adult sleeping bag for your needs I suggest reading sleeping bag reviews on sites like consumer search, consumer reports and even on Amazon.  They feature sleeping bag reviews written by actual users just like yourself and can really help you find the best sleeping bag.

I’ve linked some great examples of adult sleeping bags below, they are all highly rated and a good value to boot.

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