How to Choose the Best Convection Toaster Oven

This is one of the best convection toaster ovens out there, by Black & DeckerIf you’re in the market for the best convection toaster oven for your hard earned money then read on, I’ll go through the features you’ll find out there when shopping for a convection toaster oven and clue you in on the best features to look for.  Having a convection toaster oven is great since they cook much quicker than a conventional one.  Let’s check out the features most commonly found when searching for the best convection toaster oven.

The best convection toaster oven will be powered at about 1400 watts.  At this power level the unit will come up to temperature quickly and be able to reach high temps of 450+ degrees.  If you’re going to be cooking large pieces of meat this power level is desirable.

To make cleaning that much easier you should look for a convection toaster oven made of brushed metal or stainless steel.  This is the best material to make cleaning easier on you.

The best convection toaster oven will have an accurate temperature control.  This will allow you to accurately cook meat for long periods without worrying about drying it out.  You could of course get around this by using a thermometer but an inaccurate temperature control could also be indicative of bad design too.

Look for removable tray, racks and other interior items to make cleaning a breeze.  In fact, the best countertop convection toaster oven will have a self-cleaning feature too.

The best convection toaster ovens will fit your needs perfectly

If kids will be using the convection toaster oven, say for after school frozen pizzas or other snacks then look for these two features.

Stay cool finish:  even though I recommend stainless steel a stay cool finish just makes sense in this case.

Auto-off:  The last thing you want to do is have the toaster oven on for hours while they’re out and about.  Look for auto-off for piece of mind.

And finally, consider the actual design of the unit.  These days it’s possible to get a convection toaster oven in a space saver size, or even under counter mountable.  When looking at a convection toaster oven in these configurations make sure you take note of its size.  It’s common with smaller units that traditional size cookware will NOT fit inside, so measure what you have to make sure.

More info about countertop convection toaster oven

When you’re ready to head out (or over to your favorite website) I recommend you read some toaster oven reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and on Amazon.  These toaster oven reviews, once you know what you’re looking for, can be a real help in finding the best convection toaster oven for the money.

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