How to Choose the Best Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Stay warm with an electric heated mattress pad

Stay warm with an electric heated mattress pad

There’s no reason to be cold this winter, especially if you have an electric heated mattress pad.  Most of us when we think of electric heating for the bed automatically think of an electric blanket, well, the fact is an electric heated mattress pad is far superior.  First off, there’s no power cable hanging off the bed and, the last time I checked, heat travels up, not down, so an electric heated mattress pad is the winner.

When looking for a quality electric heated mattress pad it’s important to consider several factors, let’s look at them.The first think to decide is the size you need. Just get the same size heated mattress pad as the bed that it will go on.  If you have a thick mattress it’s important to get the mattress pad clips to hold the heated mattress pad in place, I’ve linked some below.

A Sunbeam Electric Heated Mattress Pad with Dual Control

Consider the power source.  The best electric heated mattress pads, such as the Sunbeam convert the 120 coming out of the wall into a safe 14-18 volts.  Choose a heated mattress pad with this feature, you can never skimp on safety you know. Also, make sure the power cord is long enough as there may be no outlet

right behind your bed.

Look at the wiring.  The power unit should be easily detachable from the mattress pad, this will allow you to put the heated mattress pad into the washer for easy cleaning.

Read the description of the heating elements.  Today’s electric heated mattress pads use heating elements of very fine wire which is woven directly into the fabric, this is called micro-wire, these micro-wires are practically undetectable.  Look for this feature as it also ensures no hot or cold spots.  This is an important feature of quality electric heated mattress pads when it comes to the ultimate comfort level.

Look for quality material.  As the heated mattress pad will be below you and under a sheet, the material is not as important as it is for an electric blanket.  Nonetheless, to get the best heated mattress pad out there, look for good quality polyester/cotton material which will last a very long time.

The combination of quality material and micro-wiring will allow most high quality electric heated mattress pads to be machine washable and tumbled dry without shrinkage or damage to the wiring. Make sure the heated mattress pad you are considering specifically says machine washable, if it doesn’t, it probably isn’t.   An additional feature to look for are many power level settings so you can set your heated mattress pad to exactly the temperature you like.

For safety, the electric heated mattress pad should have auto-off after 10 hours or so.  Another nice feature to have is a quick warm up setting.

A great feature to have, especially for queen or king size heated mattress pads is a separate temperature control for each side of the bed, this is sometimes called a dual control heated mattress pad. Some like it hot, some don’t, avoid conflict!

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