How to Choose the Best High Performance Tire for your Car

You deserve a great high performance tire!

You deserve a great high performance tire!

Nothing brings out the performance of your car like a great high performance tire. With the higher horsepower, heavy weight and extreme braking power of today’s modern cars, having all-season tires just doesn’t cut it any more.  If you want the best year round performance for your ride, multiple sets of tires is the name of the game. When the weather is nice having a great high performance tire for your ride is a must.

What to look for when you’re in the market for the finest high performance tire for your car

Owning multiple sets of different types of tires is the key to getting the best performance out of your car. There really isn’t any reason not to do this, although at first it may seem more expensive, in the end it really isn’t since the tires in storage are not wearing down, only the ones on your car. In the end it’s best to own multiple sets of tires, a high performance tire for the summer, all season for spring and fall and winter tires for the winter.

While we’re looking at the different types of tires, consider this.   Do you want touring tires or a high performance tire? The main difference here is that touring tires are designed to provide some benefits off all-season tires, yet still have good handling, comfort and low noise.  A high performance tire on the other hand is designed to enhance the handling of the vehicle,  sacrificing tread wear and noise levels.   If you drive fast and hard,  you’ll want a high performance tire.

Tread wear is another consideration.  Basically the higher the grip of the tire, the faster the tread will wear out.  A high performance tire  is designed for maximum grip and thus will wear out quicker.  This is another reason to have multiple sets of tires, you’ll want to put on your all-season or winter tires when the weather changes.

When choosing a good high performance tire pay attention to the speed rating.  They are as follows; S, T, U, H, V, W, Y and Z.  Representing from 112 to 185 mph of comfortable, smooth speed. A true high performance tire is generally rated for H or higher, 130 mph.  Some companies do make S and T rated high performance tires, but beware, these only give the ‘look’ of high performance without the actual benefits.

A quality high performance tire will generally run from 50 to hundreds of dollars for each one.  It really depends on the manufacturer, do some research on the different high performance tires available and always remember to change them in the fall as the best ones aren’t cheap and you don’t want to wear them out quickly.

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