How to Choose the Best Indoor Air Purifier

A HEPA indoor air purifier

Having a great indoor air purifier is a must if you suffer from asthma or allergy symptoms.  Did you know that throughout the year the air in our homes is constantly polluted with various allergens and other irritating substances.  In the winter, with the windows and doors sealed tight, this can be a real problem.  In the summer time there are hazards as well, from pollen, dust mites and even mold spores from the high humidity. Buying the best indoor air purifier can help relieve many of the asthma and allergy symptoms that your family may be experiencing.  There are many types of indoor air purifiers available, here are some things to look for to help you decide which indoor air purifier is right for you and your family.

IONIC style indoor air purifier
IONIC style indoor air purifier

There are two main types of indoor air purifiers available

How you will use the air purifier will determine which type is best for you. How big is the room the indoor air purifier will be in?  A large room almost always demands a fan forced HEPA air purifier.  Smaller rooms on the other hand can be serviced by an ionic air purifier without a fan (much quieter) Will noise be an issue?  A fan forced air purifier will produce noise, the better models are relatively quiet but you will still notice them running.  A twin fan forced air purifier designed for an 800 square foot room probably isn’t the best choice for your bedroom, the non-fan forced ionic breeze style would be a better fit in that situation.  You really must consider this as it makes no sense to buy an expensive HEPA indoor air purifier for you bedroom and then never turn it on because it’s too loud.

Consider the overall cost.  An IONIC style air purifier usually costs more up front, but requires no filter replacement.  A HEPA unit may initially be cheaper but the filters need to be replaced, and these can be expensive. A top of the line indoor air purifier will have features such as auto off 8 hour timers (great for the bedroom) and multiple fan speeds.  There are some hybrid air purifiers that use both filter and ionic technology that do an amazing job a cleaning your household air.

When you’re ready to buy the best indoor air purifier I suggest reading air purifier reviews on sites like consumer reports and consumer search, even on Amazon too.  They have air purifier reviews written by users just like yourself that can help you find the best indoor air purifier for your needs. I’ve linked some of the top rated ones below.

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