How to Choose the Best Knife Sharpening Tools

Motorized knife sharpening tools are a must have for the home chef

If you own a good set of kitchen knives it’s imperative that you also own some good knife sharpening tools.  All knives, no matter how well you treat them will eventually become dull; it’s just the way it is.  Owning some good quality knife sharpening tools will allow you to quickly, easily and cheaply sharpen your own knives.  There are two general ways to go either motorized or hand operated, let’s look at both types.

Why do we need knife sharpening tools anyway?

Well, a knife will get dull for two main reasons.  First off, through general use, the edge of the knife gets out of alignment; picture a sheet of paper, when it’s new you can easily get a paper cut; now crumple it up and flatten it out.  Even though the edge itself is unused it’s quite unlikely that you’ll get a paper cut from it.  The same happens with a knife.  The second reason is the edge itself gets worn down; picture a butter knife, the edge is dull so it doesn’t really cut that well.

In the first case, out of alignment you’ll need to re-hone the edge.  For this you’ll need sharpening steel.  Just run the knife down the steel, end to end at about a 25 degree angle, do this 3 or 4 times on each side.  This will re-align the edge.

Now that the edge is re-aligned what other knife sharpening tools will I need?

With the edge straight you can actually get to sharpen now.  You can either go manual or electric.  Each has its advantages.

If you own one of these you’ll want the best knife sharpening tools

An electric knife sharpener is very fast; this is great if you have many knives to sharpen.  Look for one that automatically aligns the blade at the proper angel and has several (at least 2) grades of sharpening stone.

A hand operated knife sharpener may be slower, but it is cheaper.  In addition, since it is slower you can monitor your progress much easier and not over-grind the edge.  I would recommend this type if you have very expensive high quality knives since the last thing you want to do is over-grind the edge.

Once you know what type of knife sharpening tools you need I suggest you read knife sharpener reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon.  These knife sharpener reviews are written by real users just like yourself and can be a real help in your search for some great knife sharpening tools.

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