How to Choose the Best PC Power Supply for the Money

Corsair makes one of the best PC power supply units for gamers!

The best PC power supply unit isn’t the most expensive one, the cheapest one or even the most powerful one; it’s the one that fits your needs perfectly at a price that one break the bank.  Finding the best power supply is a simple task when you know what features to look for and which ones are meaningless to you.  If you’re a gamer building a gaming PC pay close attention, as I’ll go through some important things you’ll need to consider.

Before we even look at the stats of any pc power supply it’s best that you first look at the case you intent to put it in.  Make sure it’ll fit.  There are several standard case sizes and corresponding PC power supply units made for them. ATX, desktop, micros are all out there.  If you’re building a computer from scratch you’ll need to determine this first.

What should I look for to get the best PC power supply?

First off consider the actual power output.  Most people think that getting a power supply with the largest output possible is the way to go.  Actually this couldn’t be furthest from the truth.  Larger power supplies give off more heat, more noise, and, if cheaply made can be quite unstable.  Go for quality over output, in this way you’re sure to get the best PC power supply possible.  A good general rule is to total the power requirements of all the components in your computer add 10% or so and then look for a quality PSU in that power range.

Next look at the connectors available.  The best PC power supply units will have multiple groups of connectors as well as adapters for various types of hard drives and video cards.  It is vitally important that you have enough connectors for your intended use.

Power quality.  That’s right, power quality.  You see not all PC power supplies are created equal, in fact, a power supply may be rated for tons of power output but be nearly useless especially if you’ll be making a gaming PC that requires stable power for it’s video cards and memory.  Overclockers pay special attention to this!  The best PC power supply will have multiple rails; to make it simple a rail is like an individual power supply within the PSU.  Many top quality PSU will have 2 or even 4 rails, one for the motherboard, processor and ram, another for the video cards, and yet another for the drives.  If you want the best PC power supply get one with multiple rails and a power efficiency rating over 80%.  This is vital for cutting edge gaming.

Don’t be distracted by flashy lights, the best PC power supply probably won’t have them

A nice feature to have especially if you’re building a new PC is a modular cable system.  This lets you only use the cables you actually need inside your case, a great way to reduce clutter and increase airflow.

Bells, whistles and flashy lights.  Don’t be distracted by these things, as they don’t increase the quality of the power supply.  The best PC power supplies don’t rely on these gimmicky things.  Choose based on rails, efficiency, power output and connections.

As far as noise levels this is a personal choice.  If you’re playing games and music loudly then the noise level of the power supply probably won’t be an issue.  For quieter activities like cruising the net or business applications it may be worth considering.

To find the best PC power supply for the money consider all the points above and then read some power supply reviews on sites like Consumer Reports, Consumer Search and even on, power supply reviews, once you know what features are important, can really be a big help when looking for the best PC power supply for your money.

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