How to Choose the Right Type of Dog Obedience Collar

dog obedience collar

A spray type dog obedience collar in action

Few would argue that the dog obedience collar is one of the best dog training tools available to a new dog owner.  Excessive barking is one of the easiest behaviors to correct with a dog obedience collar.  There are two main types available, the shock type and the spray type.  Learn which is best for your dog training needs.

Lets examine both types of dog obedience collar

  1. The shock collar will deliver a small, harmless electric when it detects a bark, either through vibrations or sound.  Some of the better ones will also sound a short corrective alarm.
  2. The spray type of dog obedience collar sprays a harmless (yet annoying) citronella cloud in front of the dogs face when a bark is detected.

The spray type has been proven to be almost twice as effective as it has the advantage of affecting four senses when it goes off, he hears the spray, sees it, smells it and feels it.

dog obedience shock collar

A shock type of dog obedience collar

When it comes to the electronic dog obedience collar look for these features.

  • Adjustable intensity levels.  Don’t deliver a shock intended for a 60-pound dog to a small Chihuahua; the results will NOT be good.  You’ll also want to gradually reduce the intensity as the dog barks less and less.  Towards the end you may want to use audio response only, with no shock at all.
  • Auto off feature.  A good dog obedience collar will stop shocking if the dog barks a set number of times in one minute (15 or so) This way you don’t harm the animal if it’s barking because of an intruder or other emergency.
  • Increasing intensity.  This feature will increase the intensity of the shock if the dog continues to bark without response to the dog obedience collar.
  • Vibration and audio.  Better electric dog obedience collar will also have a vibration and audio stimulus as well.

The spray dog-training collar has all the features above (minus the intensity level adjustment) and has been proven to be almost twice as effective.  In addition many would say it is a more humane way to train your pet.

Before you head off to the store or your favorite website I suggest reading dog training collar reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon.  The dog training collar reviews are written by users just like yourself and can really help you find the best electronic dog training collars.

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