How to Compare Steam Irons – Tips to Find the Best Electric Steam Irons

Understand your needs when you compare steam irons

In order to properly compare steam irons you really need to know what all those different features mean.  Although steam iron reviews are helpful they are just another tool that you should use to find the best electric steam iron.  Let’s take a look at the features that you’ll find out there when shopping for electric steam irons.  Finding the best electric steam irons means understanding what features are important, and which ones mean little or nothing to you.  Read on to learn how to properly compare steam irons.

To compare steam irons consider the following features

The following features should be weighed according to how much they’ll mean to you.

  • Wattage:  As a general rule an electric steam iron averages about 1200 watts.  Less than this will result in a longer warm up time.  While having more power means the steam iron will warm up and produce steam quicker.  If you find yourself constantly checking your current iron to see if it’s ready then look for electric steam irons with greater power.
  • Temperature control:  When you compare steam irons pay special attention to the temperature control.  This is vitally important if you iron delicate fabric.  The best electric steam irons will have digital or electronic temperature control for the greatest accuracy.
  • Auto cleaning:  This is a standard feature these days especially on the best electric steam irons but at least make sure this feature is listed.  Some cheaper irons may not have this feature.
  • Auto off:  The best electric steam irons will turn off automatically after a set period of time as well as if they get knocked over.  For peace of mind and safety reasons look for this feature when you compare steam irons.
  • The best electric steam irons do everything right without breaking the bank

    Construction and finish:  By far the best electric steam irons have a metal finish.  They are far easier to keep clean and can easily survive being dropped.

  • Cordless or corded?  These days there are cordless electric steam irons available.  When you compare a cordless steam iron take special note of the power output.  It’s common to reduce the power output so they can advertise longer operating times.  The best cordless electric steam irons won’t sacrifice power.  This is more of a safety feature that you might desire if you have small children or pets since it’ll be difficult to knock over the iron if there is no cord.
  • Make sure the water level is easily read and the tank capacity is about 6 ounces.  There’s nothing more annoying than running out of water in the middle of ironing.  If you do lot’s of ironing look for this when you compare steam irons.
  • If you iron shirts often make sure you choose an electric steam iron that features a precision tip with steam jets in it.  There’s nothing more annoying then trying to iron the collar without sufficient steam.  The best electric steam irons will most certainly have this feature.

Two features you’ll find on the best electric steam irons are multiple steam settings and a non-stick sole plate.  Both of these will be clearly advertised if they have this.

Finally, make sure you read some electric steam iron reviews before you head off to the store or your favorite website.  I recommend reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on Amazon.  Since these electric steam iron reviews are written by users just like yourself you should have no problem finding the best electric steam iron that fits your needs perfectly.

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