How to Correctly Use a Body Fat Percentage Scale

body fat percentage scale

Properly used a body fat percentage scale can give consistent results

A body fat percentage scale is one of the newest products available in the battle against body fat.  A body fat percentage scale works by sending a small, harmless electrical current through your body and measuring the resistance to it.  Technically this is called bio-electrical impedance analysis or BIA for short.  In layman’s terms the current will pass more easily through fat free tissue, such as muscle and bone than it will through body fat.  In this way the body fat percentage scale is able to measure the amount of body fat you have.  The thing to remember here is that the body fat percentage scale doesn’t technically measure body fat it measures body density.  If you aren’t careful it’s quite easy to get an inaccurate reading but if you follow these steps you should be able to get accurate, consistent readings every time.

Since the body fat percentage scale measures electrical resistance it’s important to remember that such things as perspiration, hydration level and the amount of food in your body can skew the results.

Try to use the body fat percentage scale at the same time each day.  I suggest first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, but after you go to the bathroom.

You’ll notice the body fat percentage scale has two contacts on it, corresponding to your feet.  Make sure you stand in the same spot every time you use the scale since the amount of skin you have in contact will influence the amount of current your body is exposed to.  Make sure your feet are absolutely dry before you take a measurement since water conducts electricity.  Wipe your feet down first just to make sure they’re completely dry.

Just about all body fat percentage scales, to be honest, any body fat percentage scale worth owning will allow you to enter important information about yourself such as age and sex.  Since multiple people can enter their stats it’s important your using your current profile before you take a measurement.

Try not to eat before you use the body fat percentage scale, the additional mass will skew the results.  And also…

Do not drink fluids for at least an hour before your testing; this will also have an effect on the reading.  As I said earlier, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will yield the most consistent results.

Make sure the pads on the body fat percentage scale are as clean as you can get them.  The slightest amount of perspiration or body oil will skew the results.

Don’t workout before you take a reading, the reduced body hydration and the increased perspiration will make the results you get inaccurate.

If you follow the above procedures you should be able to get relatively accurate and consistent readings every time.  Now, while it is true that even the best body fat percentage scale will never compare to the accuracy of the more traditional methods of measuring body fat the fact remains that you will be able to determine if you are indeed losing body fat or not.  In my opinion the is a great tool to help somebody who is dieting.

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