How to Donate your Car in New York

New york car donate

It's easy and painless to donate your car in New York

The process to donate a car in New York is a simple process made even simpler because of recent changes in the IRS law.  In New York it takes just 5 easy steps to donate your car.  Whatever the reason you’ve decided to donate your car doesn’t matter, if you meet some simple prerequisites you’ll be able to get rid of that old clunker and get a nice tax break in the process.  Read on to learn the hassle free way to donate your car if you live in New York.

First off make sure you have a clear title to the car and of course the keys.  Without a clear title you WILL NOT be able to donate your car in New York. Because of the changes made in the IRS law concerning car donations you no longer have to estimate the cash value of your car.  The charity will sell the vehicle and send you a receipt for the amount they sold it for.  The great part about this is there is no more risk if you overestimate the cars value when making a car donation.

If you haven’t done so already decide on which organization you will donate the car to, it really doesn’t have to be a New York based charity or organization. Contact the charity and arrange for pickup.

At the time of pickup you will need to provide the title and keys.  Note:  There should never be a towing fee when you donate your car.

Usually in about two weeks you’ll receive a receipt showing the actual amount the charity sold your car for, this is your tax receipt. And that’s it, you see, making a car donation in New York is painless, quick and easy.  Even better, you get to benefit the charity of your choosing.

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