How to Find a Great Wrist Watch for a Man

man wrist watch

Every man needs a great wrist watch

Choosing a great wrist watch for a man takes more attention to detail than just grabbing the most expensive or flashiest one off the shelf.  You really need to know what features to look for and even what they mean.  There are many types of wrist watch out there for a man, make sure you choose the right one.

How will the man wear the wrist watch?

One of the most important decisions to make, one which will guide you towards finding the perfect wrist watch for a man is understanding how it will be worn.  Is it for work, hunting, day-to-day use?  Remember, there’s nothing wrong with a man owning a different wrist watch for different occasions. Once you decide on they type of watch, you need to consider the movement.  This is the inner working of the watch.  There are three basic types available.

  1. Quartz:  This uses a tiny vibrating crystal, these are very accurate.
  2. Mechanical:  These use springs and gears, not as accurate but quite expensive.
  3. Digital:  Computerized time keeping, much cheaper and considered quite casual.

Some other things to consider when buying a wrist watch for a man.

Consider the size of the face.  You wouldn’t buy a tiny wrist watch for a huge man.  On the other hand a huge wrist watch for a smaller man may look funny too.  The construction should be solid and have a ‘well made’ feel to it.  Illuminated face is nice too, whether by glow-in-the-dark type, or by small built in light source. Know the difference between water resistant and waterproof; they are definitely not the same.  Water resistant means the wrist watch will be fine if it gets s

plashed or a little wet, it will not however be ok if you go diving with it, you’ll need waterproof for that. There are three main types of material the crystal (glass face) of the wrist watch can be made of.

  1. Another fine wrist watch for a man by Casio

    Plexiglas:  Very cheap but scratches easily.  Difficult to actually shatter though.

  2. Mineral crystal:  More expensive and more likely to shatter but harder to scratch.
  3. Synthetic sapphire:  Very expensive and just about scratch proof, easy to shatter though.

A wrist watch for a man can have varying types of strap such as leather, cloth, metal or even plastic.  For formal go with leather, metal is for more casual and anything else is generally for day-to-day use. When you’re finally ready to purchase a wrist watch for a man I suggest using some of the better online retailers where you can read the materials and construction details.  In this way you’ll be sure to buy a great wrist watch for a man.

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