How to Find Quality Cigarette Lighters

cigarette lighters nitro6

Cigarette lighters such as the Nitro6 are good quality

Cigarette lighters range from the cheap 50 cents model to the outrageous ‘designer’ ones selling for $100s or even $1000s of dollars.  The fact is you can get your hands on fine quality cigarette lighters for around $30.  The great thing about cigarette lighters like the Zippo is they look great and they last forever.  Read on to learn what things you should be aware of when you’re in the market for great cigarette lighters.

When it comes to cigarette lighters there are many types; from the classic zippo, newer electronic models and even cigarette lighters designed specifically for cigars.  Decide which one of these cigarette lighters you want.

If you’re wondering, all cigarette lighters use either butane or lighter fluid, both of which are readily available in most drug stores or online.  The more advanced (and expensive) cigarette lighters actually have a fuel gauge on them!

cigarette lighters by Zippo

Classic cigarette lighters such as Zippo

There are basically two ignition types when it comes to cigarette lighters.  The Zippo style, which is the simple flint/wheel system, and the electronic style that you’ll find on more expensive styles.  I prefer the Zippo system since it can never really break and replacing the flint takes all of about 30 seconds.  The other type will need to be sent in for repairs if there are any problems.

Great quality cigarette lighters should be engraved, I mean, why go through all the trouble and expense of purchasing a fine cigarette lighter and not go the last little step to really set it apart.  Many shops offer engraving of cigarette lighters both during and after purchase.

Good quality cigarette lighters will have a warranty to back up their product.  It makes no sense buying a lighter for $50 or more, then paying again if it breaks within the year.  The finest warranty available is from Zippo.  It’s a lifetime warranty and simply put, just send it in and they’ll get it back into perfect operating condition forever, at no cost to you, ever.

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