How to Find the Best Digital Baby Monitors on Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports can really help you find the best digital baby monitors

New parents often make the mistake of heading straight to the Consumer Reports website to begin their search for the best digital baby monitors.  Once there they are often confronted with baby monitor reviews on all types of baby monitors.  If you need to get a baby monitor you owe it to yourself (and your baby) to learn all about them first.  Let’s take a look at some of the different types out there and the more common features you’ll find on the best digital baby monitors.

When searching for the best digital baby monitors what types will I see out there?

There are several types of units, all are classified as baby monitors but are quite different in capability and technology.

  • First off is the audio baby monitor, like the name implies this is sound only and uses an analog signal so it can be quite vulnerable to interference.
  • Digital baby monitor, this is also sound only, but uses a digital signal so is practically impervious to interference.
  • Movement baby monitor, this is an unusual type that is usually an included feature with one of the other types, it is available as a stand-alone unit though, so I’ll list it separately.  This one simply detects movement in the crib.
  • Video baby monitor, this type is both sound and video but also uses an analog signal.
  • Digital video baby monitor, this type is the best, like the analog version above this has both sound and video buy uses a digital signal.

A quick note about analog baby monitors.  Even though you may think these are older technology that isn’t worth getting they still most certainly have valid applications.  If your intended area to use the baby monitor is far from sources of interference these can be a great, inexpensive choice.  You should, just in case, make sure they have a channel selector so you can be more certain of getting a clear channel.

There are some additional variations in the above types that we’ll get into a bit later.

What are some of the features I should look for in the best digital baby monitors?

Read baby monitor reviews after you know what features you want

Well actually, these features will apply to both digital and analog baby monitors.  Of course choose digital if you have many close sources of interference.

  • Low battery indicator – I know this should be an obvious basic feature but there are a few models that don’t have this on the handset.  Check this just to make sure.
  • Visual sound indicator – If the TV is on, or there are any other distracting sounds in your room it can be difficult to hear what’s happening in the baby’s room.  Look for a visual sound indicator to get around this problem. This is usually standard on the best digital baby monitors.
  • Out of range alert – The best digital baby monitors will alert you when you move the handset out of range of the base unit.  While we’re on the subject of range make sure you check the maximum range of the baby monitor you’re interested in.
  • Multiple receivers – There are some digital baby monitors that actually have multiple receivers so you can place one in each room and not have to carry a handset with you.
  • Night vision – Available on some of the best digital baby monitors if night vision.  This allows you to turn off the lights in the baby’s room and still see your child clearly.
  • Walkie talkie baby monitor – A common feature these days is a walkie talkie capability that allows you to not only talk to your child but also between handsets, this is a nice feature to have.

When your finally ready to head out to your favorite store or website to pick up a digital baby monitor I suggest you read baby monitor reviews on sites like Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and even on AmazonDigital baby monitor reviews will help you to find the best baby monitors that fit your needs perfectly without breaking the bank.

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