How to Find the Best Electric Can Opener

An Oster electric can opener

An Oster electric can opener

Often times the lowly can opener is given the least consideration when it comes to features, safety and cleanliness of all our kitchen appliances.  This shouldn’t be the case since, although all can openers do what they are supposed to do, open a can, when it comes to features they are definitely not all the same. Read on to learn what features to look for when you’re ready to purchase the best electric can opener for your kitchen.

Cleanliness is often times totally overlooked when it comes to electric can openers.  One of the most important features of the best electric can opener is being able to remove the blade and clean it.  On cheaper electric can openers the blade always touches the food, think about that and the fact that you probably never properly wash the cutting blade.  The best electric can opener will have a removable blade so you can easily clean it.  Hamilton Beach makes an electric can opener where the blade never touches the food, a very nice feature indeed certainly one of the best electric can opener models available.

The Hamilton Beach 76606 is just about the best electric can opener you can buy!

The Hamilton Beach 76606 is just about the best electric can opener you can buy!

Do you want a cordless/hand held or a traditional counter top model.  Some electric can openers are now available in hand-held cordless models.  Most of these do not rate as high as the standard models due to the lack of power. The advantage of these is they take up no counter space and can be used on large cans without hassle.  A word of advice though, get a unit with remove able blades as the entire unit obviously cannot be washed easily without destroying it.

If counter space is a real concern, there are space saver or under counter electric can openers available that attach under your counter.  Make sure you read the mounting requirements carefully as people have reported difficulty mounting on European style cabinets.  In addition, the blade arm swings up, this must be accounted for when mounting.

Consider any extra features that may be available.  One of the more popular features is having a knife sharpener on the electric can opener.  If you don’t already own one, this might be a nice feature to have.  Don’t let this feature sway your decision on which is the best electric can opener to get.  Purchase the best electric can opener first, then enjoy the extra features it may have.

An under counter electric can opener

An under counter electric can opener

If you open large cans all the time make sure the electric can opener is tall enough to accommodate over size cans. Measure the height of the can, then check the electric can opener measurements and make sure it’ll fit easily.   If you open one or two large cans a month don’t worry too much about this, keep a hand can opener in the drawer for these rare occasions.

Finally, and certainly least important, consider color and finish.  This is strictly personal taste, but keep in mind dark colors show fingerprints and dirt more readily than lighter colors.  Although to be honest you should clean the can opener regularly to prevent any cross contamination from occurring.

And finally I suggest you read electric can opener reviews on sites like consumer search, consumer reports and even on Amazon.  They are chock full of electric can opener reviews written by people just like yourself that may help you find the best electric can opener to fit your needs.

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