How to Find the Best Home Coffee Grinder for the Money

A great burr style electric home coffee grinder

If a great cup of coffee is important to you then owning a great home coffee grinder is important.  Few people are aware of the difference freshly ground coffee will make to their morning cup of joe.  Even few people understand the differences between the two main types of home electric coffee grinders.  If you’re serious about a great cup of coffee then read on to learn all about electric coffee grinders and how to choose the best one for your hard earned money.

To get the full flavor from your coffee beans they’ll need to be ground to the correct size for the machine you intend to use.  Every coffee machine, whether it’s an automatic drip type, espresso machine or even a french press requires a different size grind.  Only buy using the proper type of electric coffee grinder can you get the perfect grind, and subsequently the best cup of coffee.

There are two types of electric coffee grinders.  The blade style coffee grinder acts just like a blender, a spinning blade cuts the beans into smaller and smaller parts.  Although this type is cheap, you really have little control over the size and consistency of the grind as you’ll always end up with large and small pieces.  The burr grinder however allows you to adjust the distance of two grinding discs (or cones).  The coffee beans are fed in between these discs and ground to an exact size and consistency.  The burr grinder, although more expensive is by far the superior machine.

Consider the amount of coffee you’ll need to grind at one time when your looking for a great home electric coffee grinder.  A grinder with a weak motor, like 150 watts is in real danger of burning out if it’s overloaded.  Personally I never grind my beans in advance so I’ll only grind small amounts at one time.  If you see yourself grinding lots of coffee at one time go for an electric coffee grinder with a larger motor.

The hopper size may be a consideration if you’ll be grinding lots of coffee at one time so don’t overlook this.

Another good quality burr coffee grinder

Some of the better home electric coffee grinders include a coffee storage canister.  Look for one that is airtight and dark so no light gets in.  Air and light will immediatly begin stealing your coffees flavor.

Here’s a great burr coffee grinder that’s available on

When you’re ready to choose a new home electric coffee grinder make sure to check out electric coffee grinder reviews on sites like ConsumerSearch, ConsumerReports and Amazon.  These sites offer honest home coffee grinder reviews from real consumers just like yourself that can help you in your search for the best electric coffee grinder for the money.

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