How to Find the Best Inexpensive Digital Camera

nikon best inexpensive digital camera

The Nikon CoolPix, one of the best inexpensive digital camera models

Looking for the best inexpensive digital camera can be a difficult task, given the shear number of models and manufacturers out there.  Advertising is great at flaunting the latest and greatest feature of their latest digital camera.  The truth is you really don’t need most of those new fangled features especially if you just want to point and shoot.  Let’s look at some of the features you should consider when looking for the best inexpensive digital camera for your money.

The first feature they’ll flaunt is ‘mega pixels’ which is simply the number of dots there are in the picture.  The more dots, the finer the ‘grain’.  This really only makes a difference if you’ll be printing your pictures in large format, something bigger than 4 x 7 for example.  If you want an inexpensive digital camera this is the best place to start, choose one with only 3-5 mega pixels.

All digital cameras will have a listing for memory.  What does this mean?  Well each photo you take will use some amount of memory, the more memory you have, the more photos you’ll be able to store on the digital camera.  One important thing to remember here is the more mega pixels your camera has the more memory each photo will use.  So, to get the best inexpensive digital camera you’ll need to balance memory with mega pixels to get the right level of storage you need.  Some cameras will be able to increase their memory with memory cards.

Let’s talk about zoom now.  This has, for some time now, been a standard feature on most all-digital cameras.  There are two main types of zoom available and to get the best inexpensive digital camera you’ll need to decide which is best, or at least acceptable to you.

  • Optical Zoom:  This is the finest type of zoom available as the lens is actually doing the zooming in.
  • Digital Zoom:  The on board software is actually doing the zooming in.  This means a more grainy picture.  This can be offset to some extent by a higher megapixel camera, but not much.

When it comes to inexpensive digital cameras the Sony Cybershot is one of the best

For either type there is image stabilization, this means the picture stays stable even while zooming in.  This feature is really only a necessity when doing action shots, sports for instance.  To get the best inexpensive digital camera you need to decide which zoom you require.  A good rule of thumb is that if you get optical zoom you can get lower mega pixels.

One thing that can make even the best inexpensive digital camera more expensive is printer/computer compatibility.  Make sure the digital camera you’re considering is compatible with both.  The last thing you want to do is have to buy a new printer!

Many advanced digital cameras feature adjustable shutter and aperture settings.  You’ll want to avoid this.  The best inexpensive digital camera will instead have different settings for different photo situations like outside, portrait, indoors etc..

Try to avoid getting a digital camera with video capability unless you absolutely need it, this will just add to the cost and eat up on board memory like crazy when you actually do use it.

After considering all the above make sure you read digital camera reviews on sites like Consumer Reports, Consumer Search and even on  These sites feature digital camera reviews written by consumers jut like yourself and can be great at helping you find the best inexpensive digital camera for your money.

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