How to Find the Best Laser Printers for your Money

One of the best laser printers you'll find

There are so many laser printers on the market today that finding the best one to fit your needs can be difficult. The best laser printers will not only fit your needs perfectly, but also not cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re looking to buy one of the best laser printers made then read on, I’ll clue you in on what features are important, and which ones aren’t. The best laser printers are easy to find once you know what to look for.

PPM, or pages per minute. The best laser printers will be rated quite high in this feature. Now, it’s important to note that if you only print a few pages at a time this isn’t a very important feature to you since a few seconds difference isn’t really noticeable. If you print dozens or even hundreds of pages at a time, and do it often, then look for laser printers rated best in this category.

Spaces saving designs are very common these days, the best laser printers will have a small footprint while still retaining the features you need. One of the most common features given up when buying a small laser printer is paper handling. Make sure the laser printer you’re considering can handle the paper you need to print, especially envelopes. The best laser printers will be small, yet still fully capable.
While we’re on the subject of paper handling, I want to stress that you need to check what paper the laser printer can handle before you buy it. It might be rated the best laser printer by all the websites, but it’s the worst if it won’t print what you need to print.

The best laser printers will be rated high in resolution. This isn’t very important if you only print text, buy photos and images will look terrible unless the laser printer has good resolution. If you need great photo printing capabilities I suggest getting a laser jet printer and using that, reserve the laser printer for text duties.

The cost of replacement toner cartridges can turn what looks like one of the best laser printers into a bad choice. Make sure you’re aware of the replacement cartridge cost, and cost per page of any printer before you buy it. This is one thing you don’t want to be surprised about.

Whether wireless or through a usb cable even the best laser printers need to eventually connect to a computer. These days most people run a wireless network in their home so it just makes sense to get a laser printer with built in wireless networking. If the laser printer you’re considering doesn’t have built in wireless just get a wireless print server, it’ll serve the same function.

Need help finding a great personal laser printer?

A great way to help you find the best laser printers is to read laser printer reviews on sites like consumer search, consumer reports and even on Amazon. These laser printer reviews are written buy users just like yourself and can be a real help in finding the best laser printers.

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