How to Find the Best Micro Digital Camcorder for the Money

2nd Gen Flip, A great micro digital camcorder

A micro digital camcorder is a great device to own when on vacation, sightseeing or other occasions when you want to record some video on the go.  A micro digital camcorder, unlike their larger cousins, can fit right in your pocket, its memory can (usually) be upgraded and they can attach right to your laptop or TV.  Here are some of the features you’ll need to be aware of when shopping for the best micro digital camcorder for the money.

First off to be a micro digital camcorder make sure its size is about 2.5 by 4.5 inches, it it’s larger it won’t fit in your pocket.

What are the common features found in a micro digital camcorder?

First and foremost you should be aware of its onboard memory.  A micro digital camcorder can have 2 or more hours of available onboard memory, but as little as just one hour.  Inserting memory cards can expand some models, but make sure you check the features first.  This will increase the basic cost however.

To reduce overall costs make sure the micro digital camcorder you’re interested in is rechargeable.  If it isn’t this will increase the operating cost overall and also increase the size a bit.

One of the things you should really look into is the screen size.  By it’s very nature a micro digital camcorder will have a very small screen.  When reading digital camcorder reviews take note of what users are saying about navigating menus and overall readability of the screen.  Some screens are as small as two inches, this is really tiny.

Theres tons of memory on this RCA micro digital camcorder

Most micro digital camcorders these days can connect to a TV.  If you’re on vacation for example this is a nice feature since it frees you from carrying your laptop with you.  You’ll be able to watch the video and delete what you don’t want and saving the good stuff.  This will make memory management much easier.

There are two main types of zoom available on a digital camcorder.  Optical; which uses the actual lens to zoom in, and logical; which uses software to accomplish the zoom.  Optical is by far the best since there is no increase in grain while zooming in.  Software zoom is the worse one since there will be a noticeable grainy effect as you zoom in more.

If you think you’ll be doing more with your videos than just watching them on your TV or laptop like editing them or uploading them then I suggest you look in to the software package that comes with the micro digital camcorder.  Some of the better ones come with video editing software and even utilities to upload your videos to Youtube and other online services.

Once you know what features are important to you I suggest you read digital camcorder reviews on sites like Consumer Reports, Consumer Search and even on .  These digital camcorder reviews are usually made by people just like you and can be a great help when it comes to finding the perfect micro digital camcorder for the money.

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