How to Find the Best Toothbrush Sanitizers

family toothbrush sanitizer

Larger toothbrush sanitizers can accommodate the whole family

Toothbrush sanitizers are a great way to keep your family healthy and prevent colds and other illnesses from spreading. The average toothbrush, which most of us keep right on the bathroom sink, contains about 1 million germs. Toothbrush sanitizers will kill germs such as HIV, herpes, hepatitis, cold and flu virus, salmonella, listeria, E. Coli, candida, gingivitis, staphylococcus, and meningitis. It really makes no sense to re-infect your mouth with these germs every time you brush your teeth with your unsanitary toothbrush. Toothbrush sanitizers are a great way to protect your family, especially if somebody in your household is already sick.  Even more important, you should carry a travel toothbrush sanitizer when you’re on the road.

There are two types of toothbrush sanitizers, the first uses UV light to kill the germs and range in price from 20 to about 50 dollars.  The second uses steam and dry heat to kill the germs, these range in price form about 30 to 100 dollars. They are both just about equally effective at sanitizing a toothbrush.  The main difference is UV models will not dry the toothbrush, they do sanitize very fast though.  Steam/heat models will sanitize and then dry the toothbrush. In addition, most UV models can be wall mounted, especially if they are battery operated.

After you decide what type of toothbrush sanitizer is best for you, you need to decide on what size to get, is it just for yourself, for travel or perhaps for your entire family to use?  Small UV travel size toothbrush sanitizers hold one toothbrush, while larger, steam operated ones can hold up to 4 toothbrushes.  UV models for family use should have the capacity to hold all the toothbrushes in your family since they will still be wet, and it really doesn’t make sense to sanitize the toothbrush and put it right back on the bathroom sink.

The best toothbrush sanitizers have built in storage space

The best toothbrush sanitizers have built in storage space

Choose by capacity first, and then, by type. The best toothbrush sanitizers will dry your toothbrush AND allow you to store them in it.  Wall mounted is great as it gets the sanitizer out of the way, even better if it’s waterproof. I’ve linked the top rated toothbrush sanitizers below.

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Germ Terminator Toothbrush Sanitizer
UVZ Health Systems ESA302 Wall Mount Family Toothbrush Sanitizer
Germ Guardian TS3000 Toothbrush Sanitizer

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