How to Find the Finest Windproof Lighters

Zippo makes many styles of windproof lighters

Whether purchased for yourself or as a gift windproof lighters are a great accessory to carry around.  The finest windproof lighters not only look great, but, as the name suggests, will always light no matter what’s happening outside.  If you’re looking to buy one of the finest windproof lighters available then read on to learn what features you should look for.

Windproof lighters run the gamut from the simple, yet classic Zippo lighter which uses a wick and flint, to the newer torch style cigarette lighters with piezo ignition.  Decide which route you want to go.  I recommend the Zippo windproof lighters for the fact that it’s simple, proven operation really does last forever.

When it comes to fuel most every windproof lighter uses butane, or, in the case of Zippo windproof lighters, simple lighter fluid.  The fuel is readily available and quite cheap.  Believe it or not, some cigarette lighters actually have a fuel gauge!

Decide on the ignition system you want the windproof lighters to have.  There are basically two types.  The simple flint and wheel, which you’ll find on lighters like the Zippo, and more advanced electronic systems on more expensive windproof lighters.  Keep in mind that not only are the electronic systems more expensive buy you’ll have to send the lighter in for repairs if it breaks.

Xikar windproof lighters

Electronic windproof lighters by Xikar

If you’re going to go out and get a great quality windproof lighter I highly suggest getting them engraved.  Many shops, both B&M (brick and mortar) and online, offer engraving.  This is a great thing to do if the windproof lighters are a gift.

And finally consider the warranty.  A really good windproof lighter will have a warranty for several years.  This is especially important if you’re purchasing a cigarette lighter with electronic ignition or other fancy things.  Zippo lighters have a lifetime warranty which is unbelievable, send it in, and they’ll put it back into perfect shape at no cost to you, forever!

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