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For a man, the act of buying a new wallet takes only a few moments.  Let’s face it, most guys put little or no thought into buying clothes or accessories for themselves.  A simple black wallet is what just about every man carries.  Finding the perfect man wallet takes a bit more than just buying the cheapest one you can find, there are several things you should consider.

When you first head out to buy a new wallet you’ll be assaulted by every shape, style, material and color wallet you can imagine.  There are many types of wallets made for a man.  A good starting point is use your current wallet as a guide as to what you like, and don’t like in a man wallet.

Decide on the style of man wallet first; bifold, trifold, checkbook wallets and so on.  Do you actually carry checks?  Probably not, so don’t bother with that type.  The important thing to consider is bifold or trifold.  Obviously this means how many sections.  A bifold folds over once, so it has only two areas for cards, it’ll be thinner in your pocket.  A trifold however will be thicker because of three areas for cards.  If you carry lots of cards, the trifold is for you, otherwise stick with the bifold.

Once you decide on the style of your new wallet you only really need to decide what material you should get.  Again, look at your current man wallet, is it leather and beat up, did you take care of it.  It really comes down to this, if you are ok with buying a new man wallet every few years than go with a cheap leather wallet.  If, on the other hand, you buy a new man wallet for the long haul then the only real choice it top quality leather.  A good quality leather man wallet can last many, many years if taken care of.

A nice wallet for a man

A nice wallet for a man

Personally I’m not fond of fabric wallets, simply because fabric stretches, rips and stains, leather doesn’t.

In the end, take a good look at what you have now, how long you’ve had it, and if you’ve taken care of it.  Use this as a real guide to help you find a great man wallet you can have for many years to come.

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