How to Install a Cheap and Effective Alarm System for your Home

Stop burglars with a good alarm system for your home

Stop burglars with a good alarm system for your home

Having your own alarm system for your home is a great way to protect your property and your family, not too mention save some money on your homeowners insurance.  The fact is, having a home alarm system is the easiest way to make a thief move on to some other home.  The keys to an effective alarm system for your home is visual deterrence, increased visibility and intrusion detection.   This article will show you what you need to easily install you own alarm system for your home that will succeed at all those requirements.

Steps to install a cheap|effective home alarm system

Let’s look at visual deterrence first, you can accomplish this simply by installing real or fake video cameras in conspicuous locations as well as some signage.  No thief wants to be on camera, and he isn’t going to stick around to check whether your camera is real or fake.

Place signs indicating there is a home alarm system installed (even if it’s not true).  Deterrence is an important part of an effective alarm system for your home.

Increasing the visibility around your home by removing or cutting down shrubs and other growth around potential entry areas, like windows and doors,  be especially aware of basement windows and your back door.  The more cover a thief has, the more time he has to defeat locks and enter your home.

If possible, install motion sensitive cameras in your back yard and by any side windows, especially if you have a small alleyway on the side of your home.  For the motion sensitive lights make sure you test the sensitivity so animals don’t set it off.

Wireless alarms are cheap and easy to install

Wireless alarms are cheap and easy to install

And finally, the last part of a cheap and easy alarm system for your home is the actual alarm system.  There are many companies that make inexpensive, easy to install wireless alarms for your windows and doors.  In the end, a high-pitched alarm will most certainly send a thief running. Some additional considerations for an alarm system for your home are…

  • Install pegs in sliding doors so they cannot be lifted out
  • Make sure all glass is laminated so they cannot be broken easily
  • Use timers on select lights and appliances to give the impression somebody is home
  • If you like to keep windows open on hot summer evenings use an additional set of sensors about 6 inches from the bottom of select windows so you can have the alarm on, and the window open a bit

To make finding items easier I’ve linked some items that you will need below, they are available on Amazon and are quite affordable.

VideoSecu 4 Fake Dummy Simulated Security CCTV Box Cameras with Flashing Red LED Light 1QW
First Alert Security Yard Sign
GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit

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