How to Make this Valentines Day the Best Valentines Day ever!

She'll remember the best valentines day ever!

She'll remember the best valentines day ever!

Ahh, Valentines day.  Many women look forward to this day every year, while men dread it as the same old “How do I make this the Best Valentines Day” question rears it’s ugly head.  I’m not going to write about how you should go have a nice dinner and see a show, or perhaps buy lingerie for a romantic evening home.  I’m going to suggest some unique things to help you make this Valentines day the best Valentines day ever.

First off, consider some exotic and unusual things that you and your partner haven’t done before.

Try a wine tasting, see if any local wineries have any special events.  If not, perhaps you can arrange your own.  Include exotic sweets like chocolate covered strawberries.  This is sure to be a hit.  Afterwards you can certainly go out, or, stay in.

After that how about a couples massage.  Many local spas now offer packages like this, be sure to book early as these fill up quickly.  See if any local ones are having a special event for Valentines day.

The best valentines day should be unique

The best valentines day should be unique

Try cooking your own gourmet dinner for your loved one.  I tell you, cooking a great dinner for your girl is a great thing to do, they love this and will certainly remember it as one of the best Valentines day gifts ever.

Now these may seem trivial and easy, but Valentines day isn’t about the gift, or the dinner, or even the love making.  It’s about showing your partner how much you care about them and love them, try some unusual things and maybe you’ll both say this was the best valentines day ever.

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