How to Not Get Scammed at Car Rental Places

Car rental places want every dollar they can get from you!

There was a time, not too long ago when a person could walk into most any car rental places and rent a car for a set price and just pay that price when the vehicle was returned.  Unfortunately it seems more and more car rental places are using their car rental agreement, especially that fine print, to get as much money from the helpless consumer as they possibly can.  Many of these aren’t truly scams, but more like surprises that can really cost you some big bucks.  Let’s look at the more common ones.

Before driving off check the fuel level of the car, if it’s not on F then make sure this is noted on the agreement.  And, just as important, make sure it’s on F when you return the vehicle that means topping it off just before you turn it in.  Many car rental places will not only charge you for the missing gas, but also an additional fee just to fill it up.

Car rental places will charge you a no-show fee if you don’t show up when to pick up the car at the time you said you would.  You must call the car rental place ASAP when your plans change to avoid this fee.

Some of the less than honest car rental places will actually require you to buy additional insurance claiming that you must do this in order to rent a car in XYZ state.  The fact is this is a lie, you are NOT, by law, required to buy any additional coverage if you already have car insurance.  Don’t fall for this.

In the end I just want to say that most all of the big car rental places out there are respectable honest car rental businesses that treat the customer honestly.  Read the car rental agreement and take measures to avoid any additional fees you possible can and you’ll do fine.

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