How to Save Money on Replacement Ink Cartridges

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Many consumers are duped into buying low cost inkjet printers only to realize later the outrageous cost of the replacement printer cartridges.  In fact, many manufacturers price their printers so low because they know they’ll make gobs of cash on the replacement printer cartridges later.  But, with a little effort on your part you can not only extend the life of the cartridges but save money on the replacement printer cartridges later.

Don’t be afraid of using draft mode.  More often than not the first page of a document you print almost always goes in the garbage anyway, so save some ink by using draft mode.  Always do this and you’ll be able to delay the purchase of new replacement printer cartridges, thus saving some cash.

If you’re going to print a color page use draft mode once again, color ink is the most expensive of the replacement printer cartridges out there, by using draft mode you’ll save ink on the first one or two pages that are almost always thrown away anyway.

Learn to save money on replacement printer cartridges

Learn to save money on replacement printer cartridges

Try to use your inkjet printer at least once a week by printing a test page.  Inkjet printer cartridges are notorious for drying out because of non-use.  Don’t be forced to buy replacement printer cartridges because you just haven’t used them and they dried out.

When you finally have to go out and get some replacement inkjet cartridges consider refilling your own.  If your current ones dried out than this isn’t an option, otherwise, just order some replacement ink and refill them.  Some people will say that this is messy and inconvenient but it really isn’t.  This will save you tons of money on replacement printer cartridges.

I should say, when considering a purchase of an inkjet printer always get one that has individual cartridges for each color, otherwise, if one color runs out you’ll have to throw out an otherwise good cartridge.

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