How to Save on Ink for Inkjet Printers

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Many consumers realize, after they’ve already purchased an inkjet printer, that the ink for inkjet printers can be quite expensive.  Many manufacturers price their inkjet printer very low, knowing that they’ll make a nice profit on the ink for their inkjet printers later on.  If you take some steps now you can extend the life of your inkjet printer ink cartridges now, and save some money on the ink for your inkjet printer later.

Look at the properties page of your printer, I bet you’ll find something called ‘draft’ mode.  In this mode the inkjet printer will use less ink.  Almost always the first page isn’t exactly what you want anyway, so use draft mode to save some ink.  Change back to normal mode when you’re ready to print the actual page.

When printing a color page once again use draft mode, it’ll save money as the color ink for inkjet printers is the most expensive to replace.  Let’s face it, the first one or two pages aren’t exactly what you wanted anyway.

Over time most all inkjet printer ink cartridges will dry out if not used regularly.  Make a point of at least printing out a test page weekly, this will keep the ink from drying out.  Don’t be forced to go out and buying ink for your inkjet printer because you just haven’t used it in a while.

Inkjet printers use lots of ink
Inkjet printers use lots of ink

Learn more about replacement ink cartridges

When you do have to go out and get some ink for your inkjet printer consider refilling your current ones.  Some people will say that this is messy, and that may have been the case years ago but a quality ink kit made specifically for inkjet printers will save you tons of money.  You should try this at least once to see if it’s for you.

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