How to Search for an Online College worth your Time and Money

A well conducted online college search is worth the effort!When you search for an online college you’ll be faced with countless schools that claim to have the highest success rates and the best online programs.  It can be confusing, but properly done an online college search can yield great results.  When you search for an online college you need to consider many factors to make sure the school and online program are right for you.  Let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider when you’re doing an online college search.

First off you need to determine just how much time you’ll be able to devote to the online college.  As you search for an online college you’ll notice that some are lenient with their schedules while others are quite strict.  You’ll need to find one who’s schedules fit in with the amount of time you feel you’ll be able to devote to it.

Restrict your search for an online college to those that are accredited.  You really shouldn’t even consider attending an online college that isn’t accredited since the diploma you’ll get will probably not be recognized by any other academic organization as well as some employers.  The last thing you want is to waste your time and money on a worthless degree.

Take a look at the average class size of the online colleges you’re considering attending.  A large class size is usually indicative of a successful school but a small size will probably mean more attention from the instructor.  As you search for an online college keep this in mind.

As you narrow down your choices for an online college do a quick search online and visit some forums to see what current and former students are saying about the school.  Are they generally satisfied?  Were there any problems?  Did they get jobs??  An online college may look great on their website but if few students get jobs then maybe you should search for a different online college.

Search the online college website and study their program carefully to make sure it’s truly an online program.  There are some online colleges that do require their students to show up in person once in a while.  You’ll find this mostly with colleges that have real campuses.  Don’t skip this step, as you really don’t want to be surprised by this.

Since these are online courses you’ll usually be required to install some form of software on your home computer.  Make sure that firstly they have some form of tech support for the required software and secondly that the software is included in the tuition and not something that you must purchase later  (deep student discounts are ok)

Conduct an online search concerning the financial health of the online college you’re considering.  Although it may be difficult to decipher the information you find you can at least make sure there is some history, this is a great way to eliminate potential ‘fly by night’ schools that may suddenly disappear.

Make sure that all fees are included in the tuition cost.  It’s not uncommon to find additional fees tacked on for things such as tech support or software.

And finally, search for any financial aid programs the online college may offer.  Just because the course is online doesn’t mean you’re any less eligible for financial aid.

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