How to Succeed at an Online Job Search

U.S. Job Seekers Exceed Openings by Record Ratio
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An online job search is hard right now with the economy the way it is and hordes of people out there looking for a job.  They key to landing a new job is just getting your foot in the door for an interview.  To do that you really need to explore all of the opportunites you can find online.  I’ll go into some of the things you can do to help you in your online job search efforts.

With profits and sales down companies are no longer spending tons of money advertising on the larger job sites.  Use this to your advantage and seek out smaller, less known job search portals on the city or regional level.  When you’re online looking for job advertisements don’t be afraid to click on an obscure link.  Remember, if it takes you 10 clicks and 5 minutes to find a job ad, there will be a lot less competition for that job since most other people would have given up 5 clicks ago. Click on every ad you can find no matter how bad it looks.

Try starting a blog on, it’s free and you can use it to post up your job experience and qualifications, point potential employers here to up your odds of getting that interview.

Write articles based on your profession and link back to your WordPress blog. Not only will you increase the ranking of your blog and show your knowledge to potential employers, but you can earn some money doing it as well, and that’s always good especially if you’re unemployed.

Update your online resume cover page at least on a weekly basis, show potential employers that you care.  Click on every job related link you can find, register with every online job bank site you can find and bookmark it and return every few days.  Remember, it takes exactly ONE employer to hire you so seek that employer out any way you can. Use the internet to your advantage and find a job online in places not traveled by the ‘mainstream’ job seekers.

Find and join any and all forums and websites related to your profession and be active in them. Use those forums to put a signature link back to your blog as well as your professional articles. The best way to find a job online is to take chances, and that means to click where you normally wouldn’t and to post your resume up on your own site.

Good luck everyone!

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